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English Essay “Into the Wild’

The way that we construct our identity through our actions is the way that we speak or the way that we carry ourselves, and the way that our emotions show. Chris McCandless however never really showed his emotions. Instead Chris would always try to push away the people that tried to get close to him. In the novel “Into the Wild” Krakauer did not introduce Chris’s parents to us right away, but instead Krakauer let the story go on to about halfway so that we’d be more interested on them and their view on Chris. We however weren’t able to really hear what they had to say about Chris and Krakauer depicted Chris to us about his angelic ways. His parents did not even say if he was good or bad. Chris McCandless did not have that many interests or values other than the gun and the rice that he took with him when he left on his journey.
The only interest Chris had was to travel and be free. Chris McCandless wanted to be free to explore the natural world which is well respected by me. People can construct their own interests and values by the sentimental value that they have towards those items or objects. One could even value themselves if they wanted to do so, just because they are alive today. Chris McCandless seems to have expressed this thought in the novel seeing as though he burned all of his riches. In doing so Chris portrayed to us that he was just happy to be alive. An old saying says that people’s actions will speak for themselves when words can’t. So we go back to Chris’s values before he left everything behind. Chris’s values consisted of Cross Country and also his friends that he has known for just about his whole life. His friends always had seemed to grow closer towards Chris but Chris made sure that he would have no more connections with his friends and family anymore. There was also even a time when Chris had bought his dad a telescope gift. If Chris didn’t value his father the way the novel makes it out to then I don’t know what value is. In the novel “Into the Wild” the story depicts Chris and his dad always disagreeing on such the simplest things. I mean you wouldn’t just go buy something for someone that you didn’t value an expensive present just for nothing. They must have to mean something to you. All those people and all those things meant something to Chris McCandless but for some reason it may have seemed as though he didn’t wanted that kind of attention. Maybe he thought that all of that was too easy. Chris McCandless must have wanted something more challenging like to prove himself or something. It could have been that he wanted to exclude himself from society so that he could prove that he could make it on his own and that he didn’t need loved ones to show him the way. In the many articles that there are today they describe Chris as a lazy thieving poacher, which is hard to have that sort of opinion seeing as though one did not go through the same experience no one was him so how would they know what he was feeling at the time. There is a stage in a persons life in which they just want to be left alone for ranges of times whether is short range or long range.
Most people do this in order to find their inner self and Chris McCandless must have been doing something similar to this. Critics will always talk I mean isn’t that what they get paid to do most of the time. Society and the media tend to focus more on the bad outcome rather than the good. They feel as though they can get of a story if they twist it around too. The good news takes slower to spread than the bad news in this world. Our beliefs are what we make them out to be. Every living individual has their choosing in which how they want their life to turn out for the most part.
By the time a child’s adult years start to begin they should know more so of what they want to do and Chris was all grown up but society wants us to believe the