Summer Bridge Reflection

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I remembered when I received an email from the Summer Bridge Program from the University of the Virgin Islands. I was both shocked and excited for the opportunity to attend this free program that would help me improve my mathematical and writing skills. When I was chosen and accepted to attend the program, I knew I had an enormous and laborious challenge on my hands because I struggled in writing. In order to evolve into a better writer, I expected the Summer Bridge Program to enhance and critique my writing techniques. I also anticipated and wanted to build teacher-to-student relationships with the passionate professors who care about their students, not just academics. Additionally, I expected to build long-lasting friendships with the other students in the program, especially for motivational …show more content…
I was never fond of formulating essays, but I finally decided to face my struggles and improve my writing. After taking Dr Harkins-Pierre’s writing class, I learned techniques that were not shown to me in high school, such as prewriting and outlining. In high school, I never understood the concept of prewriting or outlining. Realizing that prewriting and outlining is a unique way to produce an essay, I could plan and organize my essays easier than I did in secondary school. I have also somewhat perfected eliminating grammatical mistakes, awkward sentences, and wrong words.
I am also appreciative that the program provided guest speakers and activities for the students, such as bat watching, Jeopardy, and bridge building with sticks and marshmallows. I would like to see more activates like paintballing, swimming at the beach, and movies that have action, adventurous, or thrilling themes.
As I previously stated, the Summer Bridge Program is an extremely challenging but an exciting experience to the college lifestyle. Luckily, my qualities aided me to achieve my expectations. As I plan to become a better writer, I hope to become a better