Summer of 2009 Essay

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29 September 2013
Narrative & Description: The Summer of 2009 It was the end of my 8th grade year and we were all waiting for the last day to come around. As we were waiting, North Korea tested their second nuclear device. Following that test, Pyongyang conducted many missile tests that built tensions in the international community. It was getting closer to the last day and we were all jumping out of our seats. We could hear planes from the Pennridge airport flying by. In France, Air France Flight experienced 447 crashes into the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Brazil. Every passenger was killed; we had no idea because we were too busy dreading our last few days of class. Our last day of school finally came around the beginning of June. We were so ready to become Freshmen at Pennridge High School. It was raining which wasn’t too great, so we were dancing in the rain. However, a woman from Texas had gotten struck by lightning while she was in her kitchen at the same time. I had recently gotten braces put on so my teeth hurt many times but they looked great. I couldn’t eat much because it was “bad” for my mouth but I ate those bad foods anyway. One of them was popcorn, and during the summer there were some great movies that came out. One of the best movies, “Up” came out and we saw that literally 5 times. “The Hangover” came out as well and so did “Bruno,” but we weren’t allowed to see that movie because it was inappropriate. On a good note though, there were so many awesome songs too. Kid Cudi released “Day ‘N’ Night,” 3OH!3 came out with “Starstrukk” and Keri Hilson released “Known You Down.” Those were some of the songs that occupied our summer. With all of the great songs that came out, one of the greatest pop artists, Michael Jackson, had passed away on June 25th. He was such a huge inspiration to most people in the music industry and it was a worldwide event that changed a lot of individuals. With all of the free time we had over the summer, we spent most of our time at the community pool by my house, Menlo. We spent almost every day there; well when we could get a ride from our parents. We brought our iPods to the pool with us to jam out while tanning. I was probably the most tan I’ve