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Car accidents happen all the time; people have been heavily affected by these accidents. Every day, nearly 135 million cars travel on our country's streets, roads, and interstates. These accidents that occur have killed and injured many, not to mention the money you must give to repair your car or anyone else’s. Statistics show that a car accident involving injury occurs approximately every 14 seconds, while a fatal injury related to a car accident occurs every 12 minutes. The people are fed up with this outrageous safety issue and demand help. They can no longer rely on an airbag that takes 40 milliseconds to fully inflate after an accident. Many people are frustrated with the safety of the car and on average; a driver will curse approximately 32,000 times in their lifetime while operating a car.
But what could we possibly do, you might ask? Well I have come up with an invention that will stop almost every car accident from happening. Bumpers that are magnetic and can stop cars that are close to crashing. My invention will eliminate all minor and some major accidents. The magnet will be able to turn itself on when you are going above 20 MPH and will be available with all new cars, but won’t be activated until 2017. It will slow the car behind you down by activating there brakes safely and the magnets will help in stopping the car. Say someone is going 70 MPH and you’re driving in front of them, they are about to hit you when suddenly your back magnet slows them down and activates there brakes, saving you’re life and there life and even the cars around you.…