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Summer Reading
My experience with summer reading went well this summer. I found a book that I enjoyed and it was a quick easy read as well. In past summers I usually pick the book that’s the shortest and that’s it. This year a friend had told me to read Life as we knew it by Susan Beth Pfeffer because she had read it in the past and said it was a great read. The book was about how the world plunges into despair and Miranda the main character learns how to take care of her family. Her two brothers and mother, and her neighbor who doesn’t make it have to learn how to live with limited supplies. When the weather changes drastically Miranda and her siblings learn how to ski to build muscle and strength incase there is an emergency. Soon everyone in the household is sick except Miranda and she feels obligated to go find help in order to save her family. Miranda found out that food bags were being distributed to families in need and fought through this global plunge till the end. Some major characters in this story were Miranda whose diary is the book. Miranda’s dad who has a younger 2nd wife and they live in Springfield. Lisa, Miranda’s dad’s wife who is pregnant. Matt who is the older brother that attends Ithaca college in Ithaca, NY. Matt is somewhat of a father figure towards Miranda and her younger brother Jonny while their father is in Springfield. Jonny is Miranda’s 13-year-old brother who is destined to play baseball. Miranda’s mother is an author and is divorced.