Essay Supreme Court of the United States and Civil Rights

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Civil Rights Journal Entries
Out of the civil rights "heroes" explain who you most resemble in philosophy and insight?

I would like to say that my actions can be similar to Rosa Parks. I like the way she defended herself and did what she believed in by not letting a white man taker her seat in the bus. I can see myself similar to her because I myself like to stand up for myself even if I see that no one else does it I'd be proud to be the first one to stand up an fight for what's right and go against what's wrong. Not only is she a huge inspiration to me but I believe she had been a great influence all over the world she showed how important it is to stand up for yourself and fight for you rights and to prove on how it only takes one person to make a change.

What is meant by the quote "Freedom is not Free"?
I believe that the meaning of this quote would probably be that freedom is not as good and easy as it sounds. One most work for their freedom and even then they won't be completely free there's a limit in freedom. It can be easy for people to say that we have freedom but I think that it's much more difficult than that when people say we have freedom I always know that there's a limit to it. We all probably have the same rights but we can surely say that were not completely free we freedom is just like Life it has a limit to it. 1

Civil Rights Inspirational Heroes
Thurgood Marshall
- First African American in the supreme court justice
- Won the brown vs board of education case
-he was part of the NAACP

Rosa Parks
-NAACP Officer
-was one of the main causes of the boycott
- refused to give up her seat to a white man and stood up for what she believed in

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.
-He lead the Montgomery improvement association
- His speech was very inspirational and helped decrease racism

James Meredith
- He was an Air Force veteran
- He won Federal case that allowed him to attend University of Mississippi
- He was escorted by Federal Marshall

Robert Moses
-quit his job as a teacher 2
- Joined the JNCC
- Worked to register blacks to vote

Malcolm "X"
- He was a Pastor
- he came up with the