Essay on Supreme Court of the United States and Collier

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I. Introduction (150 words)
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give background of Collier and Fuentes briefly summarize their texts and why they are important present thesis: In addition to using personal experience to connect with her audience, Collier uses sound reasoning, clear statistics, and her personal authority as a judge to convince her audience.

II. Personal Experience -- Collier's personal experience connects with audience.(200 words)
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example of Collier's use of guardian experience why personal experience is rhetorically strong (speaks to lay audience) counterarguments to accusations of personal exp. being a hasty generalization Fuentes' lack of personal experience in j. crime weakens her persuasiveness

III. Good Reasoning--Collier's argument rests on good reasoning overall (200 words)
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Collier's "different juveniles need different system"--explain why this is sound. Collier's "adult crime deserves adult time"--explain why this is sound. examples of Fuentes' poor causal reasoning o adults don't necessarily reject youth due to having social security o adults don't necessarily resent youth because of job competition o zero tolerance policy is result, not cause, of increased j. violence o that adults think poorly of youth is not cause of increased j. violence

IV. Statistics -- Collier uses statistics in straightforward, easy to understand way (200 words)
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examples of Colliers' straightforward use of statistics examples of Fuentes' unclear, contradictory use of statistics (making issue fuzzy) why manipulation of statistics endangers truth comparison of statistics with actual Dept of Justice source

V. Authority -- Collier has authority from working in legal…