Sustainable Operations Essay

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In reality, the expectations of a business and a country can be, and often are, quite similar. Like the United States of America, the main goal of American businesses is to maximize profits to its shareholders while becoming the leading force within its marketplace. Therefore, one could say it’s a fair assumption to consider these two separate entities and their approach on social responsibilities such as the environment, in the same light.
As is discussed in the related articles, the involvement of government in implementing regulations on climate-related policies demands a drastic change. As stated in the legislative analysis requested by assembly member Logue, implementing a scoping plan has had a moderate effect on the overall economic health of California. Even though the study lacks credible data and research to back up the overall economic forecast, one must consider the severity and negative implications that the economic leakage can bring. What is extremely under spoken in this analysis is how severe these damages would be especially during this weak economic times. The real questioned not answered in this analysis is, can we as a nation withstand and overcome additional economic uncertainty when technically its existence is unnecessary? In my opinion, government and businesses need to not only work collectively, but side by side. Together working, as one government and businesses goals, objectives, and values must come together in order to find success on both sides of the spectrum. There is no question that the environment needs to become a large component in business decision-making; however, implementing policies and regulations need to occur after America finds itself financially stable. Or the proposed ideas on hand should adequately safeguard the economy in doing so because the extent of these economic leakages is too severe. The knowledge and research the government has in the context of renewable energy, fossil fuel, and natural gas can offer the managerial side of business, a clearer understanding transforming the way business is performed. Business could take this information find not only a more sustainable way to practice…