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MGMT 683 Sustainable Operations
Research Paper
Spring 2013

Paper due on the last day of regular class, Monday, April 22

START EARLY!!! * Each person will write a research paper on Sustainable Operations in an organization or industry of your choice. * Identify an organization or industry. To have an excellent paper, you should select an organization or industry that is widely recognized for its efforts in sustainable operations (and the triple bottom line). * Your paper should address efforts and activities related to at least two chapters from the text which we are covering this semester. * An example of an ‘A’ paper is available to review in Dr. Smith’s office, if you wish to review it to verify the assignment and expectations. * The paper should be 5-6 pages (5 full pages minimum) plus a Works Cited page. * In a paper this brief, tables and figures from other sources should not be included, and original tables and figures should be limited. * Standard Word margins, double spaced, 12-pt. font, Times Roman, number pages top left * No cover page. No heading. Name in upper right corner, title centered on the next line. * Staple in upper left corner. No binder or folder. * Submit a hard copy to the instructor and an electronic copy to Turn-it-in. * The instructor will review hard copy drafts and give feedback at any time during the semester. * The paper should have at least five (5) references from recognized, legitimate business sources, with the references cited in the text and a separate Works Cited page. (Wikipedia and blogs are not acceptable sources.) MLA or APA reference formats are acceptable. Note that this is the minimum number of references, and more will likely be needed for an insightful paper. * There are numerous web sites that will do reference formatting for you. These will give you a good start and save some time, but they are not perfect. You should double check them and not rely completely on their accuracy. The final responsibility for the works cited list is yours. * One web site counts as one reference. For example, if you use, and then go to several other Nike pages, cite them appropriately, but they will all count as one reference. * The paper will be graded based on written communication skills and content, reflecting the highest levels of learning on Bloom’s Taxonomy, synthesis and evaluation. The Winthrop Touchstone Rubric will be used and is posted on the class web site in Blackboard. * A general outline for the paper will be: * Overview and introduction, including your thesis, which incorporates the