Swot and Pest Analysis of Aldi Essay

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Vision and Mission Statement

Aldi does not have a published vision or mission statement. However there is a clear set of values and business philosophy which they adhere to. This philosophy is outlined by the statement which it continuously uses, ‘Top quality at incredibly low prices – guaranteed’. In its small levels of advertising Aldi elaborates on this philosophy by stating its five main principles; huge savings, excellent quality, outstanding value, superb specials and buy with confidence. These five principles were quoted as the ‘Aldi Pledge’. This outlines there key values namely to offer their customers high quality products at low prices. This is achieved by their low cost operations, which is well known and evident throughout
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These organizational systems and control processes are clear show of strength in resources.
Intangible Resources
Aldi attracts many university graduates as part of their employment programme. They offer extensive training programs at all levels of employment, thus reducing the need for bureaucratic divisions. Their organizational structure is relatively simple compared to other global giants. Their managerial tasks have been divided in to Warehouse, Operation, Purchasing, Real Estate, and Administration. These simple and effective Human resource strategies are a valuable intangible Resource. Aldi also demonstrates a unique innovation and creative ability in the retail industry. For example it has self-serve packaging, a trolley renting system, large line checkout desks and quick, effective checkout systems. However there does appear to be a lack of innovation in terms of customer service and utilization of media advertisement. Furthermore Aldi’s reputation is a valuable resource. It is slowly shaking off the perspective that it a cheap store selling low quality products. More and more people are beginning to recognize the increasing quality of Aldi’s products, especially in Europe and the US, where the economic downturn has hit the hardest.
Capabilities identification