Coles Analysis Essay

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Strategic management accounting

Coles supermarket

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In this assignment, it analyse the current competitive strtegies of Coles Company through four aspects: cut price, quality control and product, cut down expenditure on operation and market innovation. It also find the strtegic management accounting techniques which suits the company’s operation can help the company be in the dominant position. It get the
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The inflation is an important part of economic factor and is described as a continual rise in the general price level. The Australia inflation can be put into two forms which are Demand inflation and cost-push inflation. The demand inflation occurs when the demand for goods and services is higher than the supply. This can lead to higher prices. While cash- push inflation occurs when production costs of goods and services continually increase. This can lead to higher input price which is reflected in higher selling price (Gideon Nieman, Alf Bennett, 2006, pp30). The organization must offset inflation as far as possible. The social factor, such as population, from the description of Australian Bureau Statistic, all the states and territories experience a positive rate which is 1.8% over the 12 months over the 12 months ended 31 March 2010. This will affect the demand factor of customer, which is necessary for Coles supermarket management put into consideration. One most important factor of political factor is tax police. According to the website of Australian Taxation Office statement, businesses use an activity statement to report and pay a number of tax obligations, including GST, pay as you go (PAYG) installments, and PAYG withholding and fringe benefits tax. Activity statements are also used by individuals who need to pay quarterly PAYG installments. Finally, the technological factor also plays a crucial role in