Essay on Symbolism: Symbol and Christmas Lights

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September 17, 2009
Language Arts/5th Period
Symbolism Essay

Symbolism is the attachment of the symbolic meaning or significance to objects, events, or relationships. Symbols are important in the world because we use it every day, but sometimes we have no idea we are using them. Christmas lights symbolize me as an individual person. The characteristics I have in Christmas lights are, I am a bright person which Christmas lights light up the houses. Also there are many different types of Christmas lights, different houses with different lights, and all the houses in the neighborhood are unique, that is another characteristic. Last characteristic, I am into decorating and dressing up during the holiday that makes me festive.
Star light, star bright, the first star I see tonight. People always say I am hilarious and smiling is what makes me known. I am a bright person, it does not take much to make me feel comfortable or make me smile. One fact you need to know is I am always smiling twenty four seven. Smiling is what makes me, me when I walk into the room I always smile and I can not help but smiling. In addition to that, I love making people laugh and or smile it makes me feel warm inside and feels like I just made someone’s day.
Likewise to my brightness, when I step in a room with a thousand people you can find me in the crowd because I am an extremely unique person. I am different form every one else because I have a ton of characteristics from hyper to depressed. One personality is you are going to find me loud and hyper most of the time. I know what is right from wrong and I am definitely not a follower I don’t let people control my life. When people get to me and push my buttons I can control myself and shake it off, my mom always tells me that I am great at holding my feelings in and I let it out at the right time. When my dad or mom get mad at my brother or sister I know when to leave the room even though I can hear everything in my room, but they don’t know that. One of my favorite characteristics in my life is athletic. Sports are always my