Synthesis Essay On Technology

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Technology is everywhere. It is part of every aspect of our lives and it is impossible to avoid. Technology today directly influences every aspect of our lives: our communication, education, and even our personal opinions. It holds a lot of clout in society, especially among the younger generations as they have grown up and been molded by it. The progression of technology has led to some amazing innovations such as the internet, which has given us access to the world’s collective knowledge at any given moment. We now have to ability to transfer information across the world at a moment's notice, such a feat would have been impossible just a couple of decades ago. At the same time, however as we started to integrate this technology more and …show more content…
The Founding Fathers of America had a grand vision, to make a fair and united country, and technology has helped to make that vision a reality. They did not imagine a perfect community but one that had the potential to become perfect. As Benjamin Franklin did, we all strive to reach our own personal moral perfection. We all try to better ourselves as citizens within society. Although technology has had a negative impact on our roles as citizens as it has pushed some people away from the values of society, Technology has a greater positive impact as the same technological progression allowed us to enhance our ability to better ourselves and become better citizens.

Technology has gotten to a point where it has allowed teens to encapsulate themselves in an alternate reality which has separated them from society and made them worse citizens. Video Games are a phenomenon spawned by technology. They have taken the world by storm and have become the center of many peoples lives. Relative to other pastimes, such as going out to a movie or playing golf, video games are a very cheap form of entertainment. Despite being the cheapest form of entertainment, they also possess the greatest