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Gage Ramsey
English 3, per. 7
September 5, 2014

Synthesis Writing All three of these stories are about three different myths on belief on the creation of the world. “The World on the Turtles Back” (Iroquois), “The Story of Corn and Medicine” (Cherokee), and “The Legend of the Beginning” Blackfoot”. They also, even though from different cultures compare in certain ways, but have many differences in idea and belief on how the world was created. The Iroquois myth began in the sky world, and ended on earth, but also the water had some major parts to do with this myth, like all three myths they had a major part occurring on earth of course, but then also with the Cherokee myth things had been happening above earth, above the vault in the sky and creation begins on earth then the plot changes. Blackfoot myth, all takes places on land here on earth traveling north, coming from the farthest north point, going all the way around the world. Practically everything is created in these myths, I think they are an explanation of how life began, and that of course would involve knowing the necessary things for survival like how to get and cook food, make shelter, and do all these other things. Then also to keep things in order, like having a food chain of animals to keep one from dominating, for peace. For example in the Blackfoot myth, the old man from the south created all the land practically, including all mountains, grass, forests, and prairies. Then animals, birds, and even