Ap English Reflection

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At the beginning of this year, I entered English 1010-02, my first college writing class, expecting to breeze through the course effortlessly while still maintaining an exceptional grade in the class. In the early years of my high school career, this was always the case in any writing class and I never faced any challenges as a writer until I enrolled in AP English 11 my junior year. As a result of my successful completion of AP English 11, I held the naive belief that my writing skills were above par and I had nothing remaining to improve on regarding essay composition. However, as the semester passed, this course put my skills to the ultimate test through multiple essay types and I faced challenges that helped me develop into a more well-rounded writer, as well as help me recognize I still had significant room for …show more content…
Throughout the course of my time in AP English 11, my teacher had continuously impressed upon me that I needed to incorporate more of my own personal commentary into my work. I spent the year perfecting the skill, only to find out in English 1010-02 while writing the synthesis essay, that I still had much room for improvement. The purpose of a synthesis paper is to “demonstrate your ability to comprehend several texts on the same topic, to be able to analyze the issues being presented by the various authors, and to arrive at your own position… in which you explain why you hold the position you do on the topic in question” (“Guidelines for Essay 3”). However, once I began writing, I realized that I was capable of comprehending