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Xinchen Wang
Unhealthy Exercise Going to gym is becoming a popular choice now because lack of exercise is a common problem. It is important to have enough exercise to keep healthy. However, it is also necessary to know how to exercise scientifically. Some exercisers believe that they would not get injuries because the exercise they do in the gym is gentle. In fact, even though they do not exercise like the professional player, exercise in an unhealthy way might cause many healthy problems. There are more than a half of runners have problem with their tendons (Beresini, 2013). To exercise healthily, exerciser need to know some knowledge about exercise. For example, they should not exercise in the hard surfaces, and they should know their muscles better. As the most common choice of exercise, running is popular due to convenience. Some runner would like running outside to enjoy fresh air, but they do not know that the regular road is too hard for running, and it might hurt their knees. Hard surfaces, such as concrete and asphalt, are harmful for our knees because they cannot provide buffer for the shock. In other words, to get healthy exercise, runner should run on a surface which can absorb shock. Dr. Gaesser believe that treadmill is a wonderful choice. For the exerciser who prefer outside exercise, they could use grass (Sheehan, 2011). Both of them can protect our knees from shock. Having a professional running shoes is also helpful but this choices might cost more money. After choosing a scientific way to exercise, making a plan for exercise is also important. Too much exercise will hurt muscle so that is exerciser should know when they need stop. The main point of making a plan is listening bodies. In other words, exercisers should stop when they feel pain from their muscle. (Lobby, n. d.) Over exercise might cause patellofemoral pain syndrome (PFPS), one of the most common illness that exerciser might get. To avoid PFPS, exerciser should not do the same exercise every day (Sheehan, 2011). For example, if one do running for the first…