Essay about Tang and Song Dynasty

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TANG & SONG 1. How did government affect your dynastic era?
Tang Dynasty:
The administration was organized into 10 political districts called “Dao” which was then later increased to 15. In each political district there were towns, villages, and families. The official system of the Tang administration involved the central official system and local official system. The central official system followed the Sui Dynasty's (581 - 618) three departments and six ministries system. The six major ministries included personnel, finance, rites, army, justice, and public works. Each were accompanied by a Censorate, an agency that exercised surveillance over the rest of the government. They made sure that government officials stayed in line
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Girls at a very young age begin this process wanting to make their feet smaller for beauty. Tight cloths are wrapped around the foot enabling it and the bone to extend outwards like normal. This practice was extremely painful but was looked at that time as beauty. Another cultural change was the position of women in the textile production. Many arts and crafts were made by rural women, like silk weaving. But because China has reduced its textiles productions, many women had to open restaurants in cities. But in elite families many were went to come concubines, or other degraded jobs. But the Song dynasty did give education to women because they believed this would help them raise their sons. And also a very big thing was women were able to control their own dowries and land they inherited from their families.
The Tang & Han and the song are often referred to as the most prosperous periods of Chinese history. The Tang, like the Han, kept the trade routes open to the west and south and there was extensive trade with distant foreign countries and many foreign merchants settled in China.Song dynasty experienced a period of great technological development which can be explained in part by the military pressure that it felt from the north. This included the use of gunpowder weapons and flame throwers. The Song Dynasty is considered by many to be classical China's high point in science and technology, with innovative scholar-officials and the