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TAOBAO traded as high as 400 billion yuan in 2010, this is an amazing number. Online huge market will undoubtedly attract more and more people set up shop in TAOBAO. So, running a successful TAOBAO online store, need a kind of team. An efficient team of TAOBAO shop should be equipped with at least the following people: an operations manager, in charge of the shop as a whole and operations management; A planning personnel, responsible for product of document description, online marketing and sales promotions planning; An artist, be responsible for store visual beautification; A financial personnel, responsible for financial management; In addition, also need with accordingly with sales customer service personnel and logistics personnel, responsible for sales and after sales and distribution of work.
(a) Operations manager 1. Responsible for store the overall planning, marketing, promotion, customer relationship management (CRM) system management work; 2. Responsible for store daily planning revision, shelves, promotion, sales, after-sales service and so on operation and management;
3. Responsible for store daily maintenance to ensure that the store's normal operation, optimize the shops and commodity ranks;
4. Responsible for performing and cooperate with related marketing activities, planning and promotion plan;
5. Responsible for collecting market and industry information, provide effective solutions;
6. And make sales plan, lead the team to achieve sales target;
7. Customer relationship maintenance, dealing with customer complaints and disputes. (b)The personnel of the service 1. Through online chat tools, responsible for on TAOBAO and customer communication, answer customer question about the products and purchase of services;
2. Online maintenance, product data management, land sales system internal processing orders, production delivery, etc. 3. Customer relationship maintenance, online communication to solve the customer consultation, guides the user in the mall to buy and transaction; 4. Responsible for customer order tracking and check parts, process evaluation, complaints, etc.

Delivery staff

1. Responsible for store the goods and material acceptance, storage, Steppenwolf, custody, inventory, reconciliation, etc. 2 .Goods and environment, is responsible for keep the warehouse clean and tidy and health work; 3. Work, according to the invoice the correct execution of commodity packaging, accurate packaging task on time; 4. Invoice number, accurate online background input; change the delivery status, the problems timely…