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T-mall’s Campaign Plan

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T-mall Introduction is a business to customer market place which is owned by Alibaba Group. At the begging, it was introduced via Taobao as “Taobao Mall” in 2008. While T-mall became an independent company after Alibaba reorganized Taobao into three companies in 2011, including Taobao Mall (a C2C online shopping platform), eTao (an online price comparison search tool) and T-mall. T-mall has played an important role to deliver products to their domestic and global customers and provide more quality brand goods since its establishment. A lot of famous international brands have opened up e-shops on T-mall, such as Burberry, ASOS, Costco, Best Buy, and Ralph Lauren and so on. Now, T-mall has become the largest B2C online shopping platform in China, occupying 57% market share.
Brand Reputation: Since establishment of new T-mall logo, the advanced China B2C shopping platform has a clear and comprehensive image. “No matter how customers think about T-mall, they can enjoy more quality and faster services.” Alibaba marketing CEO said. ( Schaefer, 2014) The former image Taobao, setting up 2008, is the leader of China online market place indisputably. However, with the growth of online shopping trends, the industry should be segmented continuously. Therefore, T-mall collected the new logo from the world to expand brand image and reputation. To further enhance the T-mall independent image, it launched an independent domain and separated from Taobao mall successfully, which reflects T-mall’s status as a stand-alone platform offering premium quality products. As we all know, T-mall has appealed to a great deal of domestic and global sellers inside and more and more people want to share profits with it. Its brand reputation and expansion are overwhelming. (Schaefer, 2014)
In 2014, T-mall, the store 1, and LeFeng (online shopping website) were found that selling fake items. It would be the worst issue because it usually happens in China. People are afraid of purchasing items online, while the period of rapid development of e-commerce. The fake items include shoes, bags, accessories, gifts, cosmetics, and digital accessories. According to official investigation, there are 36.4% is fake items of all defective items. In order to save all E-commerce market, The CEO of T-mall, had released more strict rules for online store. The first thing is to remove all of the substandard goods. Second, T-mall blocked unlawful sellers account and online store, once find the violations are determined by inspectors. Third, T-mall also Guarantees the quality of all goods, T-mall has strict rules, once sellers violate rules, they will get severe penalty. Since then, the quality of items in T-mall has become nearly perfect, and eliminates customer’s concern of goods. One more issue is “counterfeit of pre-order amount”. In 10/1/2014, a new smartphone was released, which name is Smartisan T1. It was also provided pre-order online on T-mall’s website in the same day. A few days later, customers found that the pre-order amount increased very fast in incredible speed, and started to discuss it. Some customers also found that pre-order amount is always divisible by “3”. A few days later, official public relations officer found that the situation was serious, so they decided to give an explanation to the customers. Official PR officer admitted that the amount is counterfeited due to an accident that made by program staff. Therefore, in order to recover the true and normal number, program staff “privately” made the pre-order number that is multiplied by three. (Chu, 2014)
The official PR officer’s declaration may not acceptable by some customers, but effectively stopped people’s doubt and concern. Have to say, the PR officers had done a right thing to control bad situation.
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