Target's Location Essay

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Camille Ryder

FAS 335

Prof. Butensky

May 20, 2013

My retailer is Target. Target is a superstore that sells things from clothing to food

products. They have a wide range of each. Target sells women clothing, as well as

children’s and men’s clothing. They have baby products as well as furniture for the

baby. Target also sells furniture and accessories to go with the furniture. Target

sells electronics, movies, and books. Whatever your need is, you can find it at

Target. Target is located all over. They have many target stores in most cities

and states. I live in New York, Target is located in Manhattan and the Bronx.

The Target’s that are in Manhattan and the Bronx, is fairly new. They have the

Target’s in the mall. In Manhattan, Target is located on the east side in a mall

setting. Also in the Bronx, Target is located in a mall setting and they have other

Target stores in the Bronx. There is also a Target in Brooklyn. I think it’s great that

Target is building stores all around the world. This makes it better for everyone.

Target has great prices for everything you need. I know some people don’t like to

go to Target for everything, but most things you can get at Target for great buys.

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