Taylor Swift Blank Space

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In music video Blank Space by Taylor Swift the lyrics refer to the empty part of her life that she constantly tries to fill, but cannot because she cannot find the right person to do so. Right at the start of the video a car pulls up to Taylor’s house it is a Shelby AC cobra which is an extremely rare and vintage car this tells us that the man driving it is also a rare and vintage person. This is a comparison because he is not a Honda or a Toyota he is a Shelby AC cobra. The first line of the song “nice to meet you where have you been” this is a paradox she contradicts herself when she says this because why would she care where he has been if she has never met him before. A big symbol in this video is the portraits she paints that are hanging on her …show more content…
They are of the men she brings into her life to fill the “blank space” she has in her life. All of the portraits are of different men. All of them but the latest man in her life are vandalized and destroyed telling the viewer that she has cut them out of her life. Another symbol that appears in the video is the man’s cell phone. Who is he texting? “Oh no” Taylor says when she looks at his phone. The cellphone shows that he was giving her exactly what she was giving him which is finding out what type of girl he wants and pretending to be that person “I will find out what you want, be that girl for a month”. Joseph Kahn The director of the film uses a high angle/long shot here which is Taylor looking down on the man in the video implying that she is above him and has him fooled because she is pretending to be someone that she is not. Taylor Swift tries to fill the blank space she has in her life but she keeps b ringing “bad guys” into her life. “I can make the bad guys good for a weekend” this paradox proves that she brings “the bad guys into her life, but also tells us that the bad guys want to be I her life because they don’t just want to be bad they also want to be good. They want moderation in