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Tom is a 15 year old boy at secondary school. He is extremely over weight which can and will affect his physical development as well as his social and emotional wellbeing.
Not being able to keep up with the other kids during P.E can make Tom feel embarrassed and self conscious, this could also lead to bullying from the other young people.
Tom may feel getting changed in front of others embarrassing which could lead to Tom not wanting to take part in P.E which could also affect his physical development.

Sophie is an 8yr old girl at primary school. She has a skin condition which needs a lot of extra attention. She needs to be taken out of class various times a day to have creams applied. She also looks different because of this skin condition.
Sophie could feel singled out as a result of being taken out of class and when she returns other children stare at her because you can see the cream. This could make Sophie extremely embarrassed about her appearance which could also lead to her feeling self-conscious and not wanting the treatment. Other children could also not want to play with Sophie as they are unsure about her condition, this could make Sophie feel very sad, upset and lonely.

Simon is a 5 year old boy whose family have moved here from a foreign country. He is enrolled at primary school where the only language is English.
Simon finds it very difficult to communicate with others and might find it difficult to mix with others. This is going