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Proposal Part 3
Proposal Part 3
I. Function and Structure of each Module
When designing a program one of the first steps is figuring out what information would be required from the end user. Since we already know the calculations that would be needed to reach the end result, this task became simple for our project. We needed 7 input variables: Name, Age, Height, Weight, Gender, Calorie intake, and Activity level. As the program is broken down into different procedures it is easy to identify the different modules used by the program. The first module accepts multiple inputs from the user. Name and gender variables are declared as a string variable, allowing text input. The remaining input variables are declared as Float variables to accept a range of numeric responses for calculations later in the program. Other variables are introduced throughout the program that are hidden from the user to perform calculations. The flow of the program was easy to identify from the start of the project. Since we are calculating calorie intake versus calories burned, we knew some of the information would be required in order to perform any calculations. We decided to allow the user to input all the required information before performing any calculations, excluding the calculation of the Activity level. After receiving input from the user we first calculate the RMR (Resting Metabolic Rate). This is calculated differently depending on the gender of the user. For this we decided