Technology And Communication: Efficiency Of Social Media In The Workplace

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Technology and Communication:
Efficiency of Social Media in the Workplace
Olivia Heller
Southern Illinois University Edwardsville

Not too long ago, businesses primary source of communication was face-to-face interaction, since then, it has shifted to social media. Whether it be between, employees or clients, businesses all over the world are constantly using social media. According to Kiripatea (2013), “social media is now a crucial part of any successful businesses marketing plan. It offers businesses to interact with existing and potential customers and can often provide businesses with feedback and new ideas” (p. 1). I think that social media is what defines businesses and how they communicate. There are not very many businesses that do not use social media to communicate with each other and with their clients. However, is communicating through social media more efficient than communicating face-to-face? Taradanico (2012), noted that a study was done and only 7% of communication today is verbal (p. 1). People today find social media to be a reliable source of communication in the workplace, but for others, face-to-face interaction is still their primary source. I interviewed Michael, who is a general manager for an agriculture company, he stated that a lot of their customers are “old-fashioned” and that they would rather speak face-to-face (personal communication, January 28, 2014). Corporate Media Services (2012) stated that, “face-to-face discussions are the foundation of human communication; once established, it allows us to build trust, clearly articulate our ideas, and minimize misunderstanding” (p. 1). I think that people are more likely to trust someone they meet in person compared to someone they meet online. Michael also told me that his business does not even have social networking pages to promote business and that the only social media they use is e-mail, texting, and 3-4 times a year the managers of the company will all have a video conference call (personal communication, January 28, 2014). My next interview was with a woman named Theresa who is a bartender and waitress at Branny’s Bar and Grill. I asked her how she thought social media affects Branny’s business and she stated that, “she thinks that it helps Branny’s business because they are constantly posting specials and promotions on their Facebook page.” (Theresa, personal communication, January 28, 2014). I think that for certain businesses it really is crucial to use social media as a way to bring in more clients. Kiripatea (2013) stated that 50% of Facebook users sign in to check Facebook everyday and 23% of users check Facebook five times or more a day (p. 1). Although social media helps Branny’s Bar and Grill; when Theresa was asked if face-to-face communication was more efficient in the workplace, she said yes, that she would rather communicate with coworkers face-to-face to avoid confusion and to just get the point across (personal communication, January 28, 2014). In my final interview I talked to Bryce who works for a family owned electrician company. He told me that they rarely use social media as a way to communicate with…