Technology: World Wide Web and People Essay

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Every year phone companies claim to have made “the next big thing”, Tesla creates a better car that doesn’t need a drop of gas to run on, Google makes glasses that run on a little chip that can fit the memory of a computer on to and people say all this technology is making this world a better place. New technology has gotten to the point where it’s starting to change the world in a bad way rather than make the world a better place. People would rely on the internet now that it can be used almost anywhere in the world with a devise the size of our hand. Everywhere you go you would see people walking like zombies staring at their phones. Some people can’t even have an eye to eye conversation without looking down at their device to check for a notification. Kids are growing up playing videogames all day than going outside to the park.
Computers have been around for a long time and people use to use them just to type from their own knowledge until someone thought of a creation called the World Wide Web. Ever since that people started to get their information off the internet. Before computers were made libraries use to be a place someone would go grab a book and study out of or rent one to go read at home, now it’s all computers. Instead of kids going to get research out of a book they would go search it up on Google and copy an answer they find on there. The internet is one of the biggest things that are taking away from everyone’s knowledge. Even though people may say that the internet is a good resource and you can learn a lot from it, reading a book can give you more information than you need and help you become a better reader and writer.
People say they want to make a change in the world with all the new inventions they are making but all they are doing is taking away our knowledge by using these devices. Children are entertaining themselves with the internet, apps on their tablets and being on their phones 24/7. Because of technology being around these children all the time they would get frustrated whenever they are asked to do something while they are playing on these devices. Even the smallest things like using shortcuts for words when texting is affecting the kids by them forgetting how to spell words because they are texting contently nonstop in and out of school. Schools are taking out books and replacing them with tablets and laptops and say it will make it a lot easier for a kid to read, learn and type on there instead of reading