Teen Pregnancy Essay

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Teenage pregnancy
Being mother is the happiest thing of women, but the teenage pregnancy is the thing that no one expects to. The reasons for this are the teenager’s body is not complete development and they are not ready for having a child. The fact that the rate of teenage pregnancy is becoming increasingly nowadays. The causes for this stage can be divided into three factors: individual, family, society.
Firstly, one of the three causes come from the teens themselves. People tend to curious about what they lack of information about it, teenager is not exceptional. Many teens curious about sex and try out what they see on the internet, for example, without knowing the consequences. Besides, they find hard to control themselves in sensitive situations. Because of lacking experiences and determination. Furthermore, some teenager use stimulant, such as alcohol, drug, etc. this is also make them lose themselves and easily to have sexual activity. At a result, it leads them to pregnancy.
The second factor causes teenage pregnancy is family. Children lack of sex education from their parents. Parents don’t talk to children about the changes of body in puberty or the problems concern with sex and relationship. Furthermore, lack of affectionate supervision of parent results into the adolescents or teenage girl’s becoming pregnant, because that makes chances for teenage girl to love soon and meet their boyfriends.
Finally, the influence of society can lead to teenage