Causes Of Teen Pregnancy

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There are many causes that put teenagers at risk for pregnancy at an early age. Some of these causes are; social economic class, certain ethnic groups, teens born to teen mothers, single mother homes. As a society we know who is at risk, now we have to do a little education to these groups to decrease the teen pregnancy rates. The teen mother and the baby are at high risk for complication during pregnancy. The mother can be pre-disposed to pregnancy induced hypertension, low birth weight, preterm labor and anemia. The infant also is at high risk for multiply problems not only at birth but for years to come. The infant is often at risk for, difficulty acquiring cognitive and language skills, social and emotional skills like self-control and self-confidence, which are developing during infancy and are needed later in life. (The Urban Child, 2014). The infant of a teenager are at higher risk for abuse or neglect as well because of the teen’s immaturity and fewer coping skills. In the state of Illinois the teen pregnancy rate in 2013 10,525 or 24.6 per 1,000 girls, this is a major decrease in 3 years from 25,350 in 2010 or 57 per 1000 girls. The peak of teen pregnancies was in 1990 and the pregnancy rate has dropped by 62%. (National Campaign, 2013) One reason for the dramatic drop over the last 20 years is due to the amount of information that is out on the internet and social media. In the 1990s or even early 2000 the social media, face book, and internet was not as prevalent as it is today. Even teens that are in lower income families have access to the internet or social media at school, libraries, or with friends. The other reason that teen pregnancy rates have dropped is the use of contraceptives. In Illinois the data shows that 85% of teens used protection during their last sexual encounter. The education and resources available today have really impacted the number of teen