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Teen Suicide In today's society teen suicide is a major issue. Many young adult are taking their own life away for many causes. Each year the number of teen suicide is increasing rapidly. Every time in the news there's story of teen suicide.Teen often feels that being suicidal is the only way out of their problem. Some teens will show signs of suicidal, parents watch out for those signs. Two main causes of teen suicide is bullying and depression, this affects their love ones. The first cause of suicide among teenagers is bullying. Many teens are getting bullied for little things. Bullying is becoming a major problem, if the bullies get caught bullying or know they are the bullies the police will start investigation and will get sent to jail for a felony. the bullies will verbally bully you to get under your skin. The teen that are getting bullied sometimes do not say anything or won't go for help. Recently on the news a twelve year old girl committed suicide. She was getting bullied online for over a year. The bullies were a twelve and a fourteen year old girls. The got charged with a felony aggravated stalking. Another teen committed suicide after his first day of sophomore year in high school. The teen killed himself with a shotgun. He was also getting bullied before his sophomore year. The teen told the school but, the school did not do anything about it. He will post online that he will kill himself and no one will notice. The teen kept writing online things about suicide and no one did anything about it. Another major problem that cause teen suicide is depression. Depression will change your behavior and will give you suicidal thoughts. The person thats depressed acts differently than they usually do. Family, friends or other people that are always with the teen who's depressed can see the changes of that teen. A couple of month ago I lost a love one. He committed suicide because he was depressed and stressed out. He was stressed out because of his job, his boss kept giving him a lot of hours and he will work with someone that would not do the job right. So my love one had to do his and his co-worker job. He did not feel like himself, he went for help and his therapist gave him medication for his depression. He did not show any symptoms of being depressed or he did not show any signs of him not feeling like himself and thinking about hurting himself. He was the type of person thats always happy and have a smile in his face. No one would of thought he would do something like this. Everything was normal until one morning he took his pills for depression and