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English 9 - Period 7
March 4, XXXX Teen Suicide Suicide is a major problem worldwide; especially for teenagers. Self image plays a big roll in American society today, especially in enabling someone to make a wrong and destructive decision like suicide. Self image and low esteem effect the chances of a teenagers suicide greatly. There are many events that lead up to a young persons suicide, for instance a little problem that seems inescapable which manifests themselves into overwhelming burdens. Detection and prevention are both key for adults and young people to stop suicide from happening. After taking a look at the numbers of suicide, most would be amazed. For example, by the time one reads this
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Another possible solution could be taking the individual to a physiologist or another professional (Suicide and Suicidal Behavior,2). In the novel Speak Laurie Halse Anderson, the main character Melinda Sordino is at high risk of suicide due to her fall in social life which reckoned her self status. This all started at a party where she was viciously raped by older guy. Melissa was only a freshman and called the police due to her attach. When the police arrived, the party ended and there was several arrests. Immediately people knew it was Melinda because she asked for a friends phone. Everybody blamed Melinda and hated her, but nobody knew the whole story. She became a outcast overnight. She had no friends at all, and it was official; she had no social life and little to no self esteem. She had no relationships whatsoever-even with her family. Melinda cracked under the pressure and started cutting herself. When she was on the verge of killing herself her mom told her, “Suicide is for cowards, you’re better than that” (Anderson, 118). These words meant a lot to her because they finally talked and slowly revived their relationship. Communication is key because it