Essay on Telecommunication Agent: Improving Performance and Work Life

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In this essay, I will be looking at my working role, how I would like to make improvements to aspects of my work, and how and why I will do it.
My basic job role could be described as a telecommunications agent, with my duties including handling a number of calls for different clients, made up mainly of small order lines and charity donation lines. However, my role goes much deeper than this simple description. I have a variety of professional skills that I use, including a large general knowledge of each of the 11 clients I am trained to take calls on behalf of, and also objection handling, which means to influence and persuade my customer to buy a better product, or to donate a larger amount. My communication at work varies largely with who I am speaking to, sometimes a deaf old lady wanting to donate to a charity, or a young professional wishing to buy a product, meaning that I need to be able to vary with each, and still lead the conversation in a direct way to either buy or donate. Communication will often vary with other team members, sometimes through email, sometimes through general conversation, but this also heavily influences my day to day work. Teamwork, although not an obvious factor to consider in my workplace, is vital in ensuring that we assist each other with difficult situations and compete for the best results and statistics.
I have identified two key factors that I would like to improve within my working life, which I believe will then have a positive effect on my working performance in return. Firstly, I would like to improve my working relationship with other members of the team and management, with the hope that I will be able to work up to a management level position myself.
I have