Television Production Essay

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ABSTRACT Television has been an excellent medium for entertainment and information ever since the invention of the electron scanning tube in 1923 by Vladimir Kosma Zworykin, who is considered the father of the modern television. With the conversion to digital format 1080i in 1998, there has been a boom in the production of different types and technologies for Televisions. A new generation of televisions has been developed, including liquid crystal display (LCD), rear projection, and high definition that provide amazing visual characteristics and can be integrated in to a home theater system. As the technology behind these televisions decreases in costs, more companies are entering the market. DLH Visions is a company that has a vision …show more content…
This screen is coated with phosphor, which glows when struck by the beam. [8]
There is a cathode and a pair (or more) of anodes. There is the phosphor-coated screen. There is a conductive coating inside the tube to soak up the electrons at the screen-end of the tube. However, in Figure 1, one can see no way to "steer" the beam. The beam will always land in a tiny dot right in the center of the screen.
That is why; if one look inside any TV set, they will find that the tube is wrapped in coils of wires.
The steering coils are simply copper windings. These coils are able to create magnetic fields inside the tube, and the electron beam responds to the fields. One set of coils creates a magnetic field that moves the electron beam vertically, while another set moves the beam horizontally. By controlling the voltages in the coils, you can position the electron beam at any point on the screen.
Design/Manufacturing Infrastructure
A Make-To-Stock environment will be the most efficient manufacturing environment; that type of environment will minimize the finished goods inventory. The market for televisions is dynamic due to rapid technology changes, which are grounds for obsolescence at any given time for any finished goods inventory. The marketing department has the most important job, because feedback is vital for customer satisfaction; also, staying up-to-date with technological breakthroughs,