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Writing Assignment #2

During this school year we read The Phantom of the Opera, personally one of my favorites. This story had everything that I enjoyed to read and by reading it caught my attention. By catching my attention there were a few key points that stood out to me and they are as followed: First off, the mystery in the story was noticeable from the beginning. There were numerous times when I the reader was left in the dark due to the great writing skills of the author. I believe by the author giving reason to continue on reading was why I loved the suspense so immensely. An example from the story when mystery was prevalent was they would wear the masks, wearing masks gives a person a whole new attitude because they are acting as the mask they are wearing. Secondly, the whole story is a tragic love story. It starts off with the phantom falling in deep love with Christine but Christine and Raul are madly in love. Christine has a soft spot for the phantom and unknowingly he took it the wrong way. The Phantom being in such a state of fake love with Christine he kidnapped her to get away as if she was also in love with him. This shows what love and thinking in you’re in love can do. Last but not least, Drama. Drama is involved with everything we do and in the story as well. First example of drama In the story is how I previously said the Phantom was I love with Christine but she wasn’t, having this thought of being in love only lead to problems and drama for