Men's Basketball League Run As An Associate Of 24 Hour Fitness

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1. (A1) Our product is a Men’s Basketball league run as an affiliate of 24 hour fitness at the Northgate mall. What makes this product unique is that it is run with a robust online component that allows unparalleled access to statistics. This as well the ability to expand to other 24 hour finesses around the world allows this business to have room to grow and compete on a global stage. Because of the online capabilities of 24 hour fitness, we already have a competitive advantage over the other leagues in the Puget Sound area. However, to truly be viable we will need to offer many diverse features that are specific to our league only. Such features, as an app for players smart phones that allows them quick access to either statistics or game information for upcoming matches. They will be able to formulate scouting reports on opponents that they have never played by watching videos that are taped through the security systems and then uploaded to a secure server. They will be able to pay team fees through the app or in person, or at the website for the team or lastly through 24 hour fitness’s website. Other features include the ability to use graphs and charts to create a season over season look at personal statistics and see improvements or places where improvement is needed. You can also look at team data to see how your team has performed and what your strengths are as well as weaknesses.

2. (A2) Currently there are many other leagues in the area, but none offer the comprehensive package of features that we will be engaging in right from the start (See Table a below). A few offer meager online components, or offer one of the features that we have, such as a tournament system at the end of the season for top level competitors, and the ability to pay online. One also offers the ability to see statistics of the current season only. Also limited, is the ability to interact with the statistics to gain an understanding of what they mean and how to best improve from the information. No league currently has an app available, period. What really sets us apart from the other leagues with a website is our ability to reach our customers. Through the use of our app, and the chat portion of our website, we are able to engage our customers 24 hours a day, as well as respond to their needs in real-time. This prevents scheduling errors, and makes sure that issues involving fees or discipline can be dealt with swiftly and without communication breakdown. We are pleased to offer league branded merchandise from our online league store, and the use of PayPal to securely pay your league fees.
(PSBL) Puget Sound Basketball League is a great example of what we want our league to become. The league has 500 teams, provides the best competition for each skill level, and routinely is lauded by its competitors as being at the top of its game. Their Website is clunky and unwieldy in its use. The site provides information in a manner that is difficult to process, while not using any of the innovation of social media or even any pictures. They do however do a good job of branding by keeping their logo prominent on every page, as well as they are at the top of search results for anyone searching for “men’s basketball” in the “Seattle area”.
The Mount Lake Terrace City League does not have its own dedicated website, but does have a page on the City’s Website. The Page has downloadable files that give specific information for their league, such as game times, and certain statistics like wins and losses. League fees cannot be paid online, and all correspondence is done via email, or voicemail. On the positive side, the league fees are less, and they are able to run the league in conjunction with other sports leagues and city activities.

| PSBL | MLT City League | 24 Fitness League | Website | yes | yes | YES | Pay fees online | yes | no | YES | Year over Year stats | no | no | YES | PayPal | no | no | YES | League Merchandise |