Corruption And International Security

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Alexandra Vasquez
Professor Lovelace
PLS 203
18 March 2014
Term Paper
Corruption and International Security The global war on terrorism has shed a light to the world how corruption interrupts the peaceful existence of the states. Corruption causes harm to the developed and developing states’ peace and security. Individuals in governments have fallen under the subordination and deception of terrorists and organized criminals, and have granted them sovereignty in which they are able to conduct international illegal operations. These criminals have built pacts with corrupt government officials and disrupt domestic and international affairs, and they threaten international stability and security. In order to fight terrorism, corruption must also be assessed 1. If the doors are closed to these organized criminals they will have no room or place to place to plan their conspiracies and conduct their criminal activities. Corruption is an international issue that must be addressed if the war on terrorism and organized crime is to be won. These criminal groups pose a great threat to international security of the states, however, the states themselves hold the key to enable or stop them. Globalization has brought many changes in the characteristics of corruption.
Corruption poses a greater threat for some states than others. States that are more prone to poverty and unemployment tend to have less success in maintaining order or making economic advances. Without the ability to enforce law and order, these states have allowed these criminals to take advantage of their weak government and given them a platform to direct their illegal operations. Capitalism has also played a huge role in benefiting these criminals. The anarchy that exists in this free market has given these criminals the ability to execute their crimes. They begin by subordinating government officials and once they are able to perform their operations they are now a part of the market’s ‘survival of the fittest’ because they are able to sell their merchandise in which there is a demand for it 2. And in a market where criminals have the advantage of being supported by corrupted government officials, the fittest of the pack will always be them. These corrupt business sectors are the ones that reaping the benefits of the globalization of international finance. The justice system is also a participant in corruption. This is because some justice systems are defective in detecting and prosecuting criminals and terrorists, which leads to the breakdown of its society. If the subordination and infiltration reaches the justice system, criminals are closer to taking over the state itself. When a justice system is under the authority of organized criminals and terrorists, the criminal justice system is more susceptible to being overtaken by international criminals. Moreover, in some states the power of the criminals gravely overcomes the powers of states officials. One example of that is seen in Colombia, where members of drug trafficking organizations and the FARC, which is the largest terrorist group in Colombia, have better equipment, weaponry and defense tools than the state’s justice officials 3. When the justice system is corrupt, these terrorist groups obtain intelligence information that informs and warns them of the activities of the police and military. The corruption that exists is well imbedded deep in its roots, infecting every branch. Some examples are: bribing police officers to inform them of planned raids, when arrests will occur and also private investigation information. Prosecutors are also bribed to prosecute criminals, judges not to convict, and officials not to detain these criminals. As on can see, corruption can be seen as a disease that first attacks the states internal organs, justice system, and once overtaken makes the state susceptible to criminal and terrorist activities. The states’ financial sectors are also