Teen Obesity In Teens

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Professor Wendy Hileman
Health 204-70
22 October 2013
Obesity in Teens Toward the research of teen obesity I found that obesity may come from all kinds of related issue. After taking an observing look of the data I have collect I have seen that obesity can be cause by family interaction impact well-being of overweight teens. High levels of stress, and protein with teens also puts a lot of weight on teens. Inaccurate body mass index (BMI), with teens height and weight some teens are in weight but according to the United States we have to lower over BMI to make sure teen do not put on too much weight. Teens also have genetic variation in their genes & DNA which makes them born heavy due to by gene habits from their parents, and that the US has in lawful accurate test for fat test for teens. Also I point out teen who hang out at malls spend on food that is unhealthy for teens, and sheds light in that teens love to eat out on fast foods instead of eating at home, analyzes that teens who watch T.V and just hang on the internet will give them poor habits in the long run for exercising. In the first two peer review article I am comparing. Overweight teens want program activities in which participants "don't just sit around and talk," according to researchers who conducted a study of 23 teen focus groups consisting of 203 adolescents. The teenagers were all attending school in St. Paul, Minn. They said they would like activities such as strength training, in-line skating yoga and hiking. The teens also thought programs should promote healthy lifestyles rather than weight control, and with the other it miss read teens by height weight and public health problems. Over weight teens also came from money income and the schooling that these teens had which if they had only high school degrees they were only able to get minimum wage jobs which offers them poor eating habits: versus teens who have a much higher schooling would be able to support a much healthier eating habits. Also family interaction also impact well-being of teens which in result to their BMI. However some teens have genetic variation that is inaccurate to fatness test. When comparing both article it show that teens want to be healthier they just being taught wrong from a young age so there unable to correct themselves until is too late. The article implies that even teen who are label obesity want to lose weight, but when they are humiliate by people citizens them they lose motivation to lose weight.in both article it shows that they use