The Importance Of Incriminating Evidence During The Civil War

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Covering up embarrassing or incriminating evidence has taken its toll in the Civil War as well as during the Civil War. The Civil War was able to be delayed for a later time through these compromises. The outcome they did not want was war, so they would try to keep the Northerners and Southerners satisfied through the means of compromise; basically telling them what they wanted to hear. With the Missouri Compromise, Kansas-Nebraska Act, and the Compromise of 1850, the war had been able to be postponed for years to come. The Missouri Compromise was actually triggered by the request to permit slavery, in Missouri and in the year of 1819. As a result the North was not was not satisfied with the compromise. Nevertheless the times leading up to the Missouri Compromise of 1820, tensions started to commence between anti-slavery and pro-slavery. This was because Maine had been taken out of Massachusetts and was entered as a free state. This would help even everything out once more, was the thought. After this compromise then the Louisiana Purchase amendment established; An Imaginary line was drawn and slavery would not be accepted north of that boundary. Except for Missouri, slavery would be allowed. So then at the time, the United States had twenty-two states that were evenly divided with the slave and the free. The amendment that kept that imaginary line intact, was what kept that boundary between free and slave regions until the Kansas Nebraska Act came along. The Kansas Nebraska Act of 1854 created the territories of the states Kansas and Nebraska. Which would open new lands for the settlement. And in hopes of encouraging the settlement, the senator Stephen A. Douglas proposed that he organize the area west of Missouri into two separate but new territories; and these states were evidently Kansas and Nebraska. This proposal had triggered plenty of issues with the Southerners. This was because based on the Missouri Compromise; these new territories would then be join in on as Free states. As the end result of the Kansas-Nebraska act passed; it literally allowed slavery into areas where it was once not permitted