Testesting A Theory

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tesTesting a Theory A time that I needed to test a theory would be when I decided to go back to college and get my degree. I have been considering going back for many years but never really had the time or ambition to go. There was always many things in the way that prevented me from starting. The first time I thought about going back occured when my son was little. I was a stay at home mom and keep home for Tyler and his father. I did not realize how busy it got to just take care of the home and chasing after a little boy. After my husband and I got divorced I considered starting college then. At that time trying to figure out how to pay the bills was always on my mind, and I needed to work full time and I did not feel there was time. I found someone whom I thought was my true love and asked him to move in with me. It was like having a family again only with more problems. The same bills were there but I was now providing for this guy and my son. At the same time Tyler was graduating from high school, and we were busy visiting colleges. I was also manager at the doctor’s office I worked at. There just was not any time or money for me to attend college. Once I got my son settled into college and made the guy move out I was alone again and did a great deal of thinking. Last June my son and I went on a mini vacation to Atlantic City and one morning while walking on the beach I was doing some thinking. I have wanted to help abused children, and live by the ocean where it does not snow. It was at this time I decided to start college classes and finally live the life I wanted and not someone else’s. I went back to the hotel room and discussed my decision with my son thinking he would feel negative toward my choice but instead he was very supportive. Two months later I enrolled at the University of Phoenix on the way to get my degree in Psychology. According to this week’s reading, “Cognitive psychology focuses on higher mental process, including thinking, memory, reasoning, problem solving, judging, decision making, and language.” (Feldman, 2013, p. 5) With this study the psychologist learn how people solve problems and think. According to Simplypsychology.org, “Cognitive psychology focuses on the way human’s process information, looking at how we treat information that comes in to the person, and how this treatment leads to responses.” (McLeod, 2007) With cognitive psychology I could do some critical thinking and figure out how I would be able to attend college and live my