That's So Raven Film Analysis

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“That’s So Raven” is the biggest family comedy television series on Disney Channel, it is created by Susan Sherman and Michael Poryes. Fantasy is also another genre because the star television hit is Raven Symone, her character is named Raven Baxter, a normal teenager who is physic. A teenager who can read the future? I think that what makes “That’s So Raven” interesting and humorous because it is something that we can all laugh too and also, teenagers can relate to it, especially on the third episode “Mother Dearest.”
We all have those high school moments were we act up and been called down to the office because the principle called our parents. On the episode “Mother Dearest”, Mr. Petracelli (Ernie Sabella) is an sarcastic, rude teacher who calls on the students that do not know the answers to his questions. He calls on Raven and embarrass her in front of the whole class because simply, he knew that she did not know the answer but she had a physic vision that she stood up to Mr. Petracelli and her classmates was proud of her for that. After her vision, she had a big smirk on her face and stood up to him but unfortunately, it did not work because she ended up getting in trouble and he wants to meet up with her mother (Tanya Baxter).
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The only reason why Eddie likes his locker because he is able to look at girls, bending down while drinking water at the water foundation. He tells him to go to his old locker that is shared with nerds Larry (Thomas Bloom) and Brendan (Christopher Aqulican). The little story line between Eddie and Big Guy makes the episode funnier and interesting because the comic timing and dialect are perfect between each characters. I think the little side story fits real well because it makes this episode more enjoyable to