The Amazing Catch Essay

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Amanda Dennis
Laura Toomb
Interpersonal Communication
September 6, 2014
The Amazing Catch I am writing this paper on the video clip of the amazing catch made by the ball girl. This paper is going to be my perception of the video as I go through the three stages of perception. I will also be explaining my thoughts throughout the three stages of perception while watching the video. In addition, I will in the end be deciding whether or not I believe the video to be true or fake. Selection. Selection is defined in the book as the following “The process of attending to a stimulus.” (Floyd, pg. 109) I have watched this video over and over before writing this paper, but the first time I watched it nothing really stood out to me besides
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Interpretation. Interpretation is “The process of assigning meaning to information that has been selected for attention and organized.” (Floyd, pg. 111) There are three factors when it comes to interpretation. The three factors are experience, knowledge, and closeness. These are not especially useful in this situation because I have no personal experience with this girl, I have no former knowledge of this girl, and I have no closeness or relationship with this ball girl. I do however have prior knowledge of major league baseball. In major league baseball I have a hard time believing that a ball girl/boy would just jump into the game and catch a ball that was still in play, that is not their job and it is very unlikely. I don’t have a relationship with the girl, and I don’t have any prior experience with her so I have no idea if she would just jump right into the middle of a game, but also having no prior closeness to this girl it is a lot easier to doubt her and feel like she is lying. Stage one and stage two of the perception process helped aid in my completion of stage three because without having stimuli to select and then organize I would have nothing to create an interpretation of. In conclusion, I do not think this video is real. I think this video is fake because of the switching of the glove and logo on the catchers uniform. I also found it very weird that you never got to see a close up of the girls face after the catch until