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Christina Rusu
6 July, 2013
Agatha Christie Essay Analysis

I think this is overall an excellent essay that demonstrates proper essay writing for various reasons. It follows the proper essay structure, has no grammatical errors, thoroughly explains each of its three points through the body paragraphs and keeps the reader interested throughout the entire essay.
When examining the structure of this essay, one can see that it meets all of the essay requirements. The introduction paragraph grabs the reader attention, defines the topic clearly and sets a guideline of what will be discussed throughout the essay. Following are the three main body paragraphs which all throughly explain and analyze the main points, convincing the reader of the initial argument. Lastly, the conclusion closes off the essay nicely by restating the main points and including a general statement about the essay topic.
This essay also shows no grammatical errors, meaning it was written with great precision and quality.
Another aspect to analyze is the amount of detail. The essay goes into depth about each of the main points discussed, helping the reader to better understand and agree with the argument. The author of this essay, provided the reader with a good amount of details that leaves the reader not overwhelmed, but rather well informed about the topic.
Although all of these aspects make the essay satisfactory, the fact that it also manages to keep the reader entertained, is what really makes