The Art and Science of Java Essay

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Chapter 1. Introduction
1. Babbage’s Analytical Engine introduced the concept of programming to computing. 2. Augusta Ada Byron is generally recognized as the first programmer. The U.S. Department of Defense named the Ada programming language in her honor. 3. The heart of von Neumann architecture is the stored-programming concept, in which both data and programming instructions are stored in the same memory system. 4. Hardware is tangible and comprises the physical parts of a computer; software is intangible and consists of the programs the computer executes. 5. The abstract concept that forms the core of computer science is problem-solving. 6. For a solution technique to be an algorithm, it must be • Clearly
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By contrast, holism represents the view that the whole is greater than the sum of the parts and must be understood as a separate entity unto itself. As a programmer, you must learn to view your work from both perspectives. Getting the details right is critical to accomplishing the task. At the same time, setting those details aside and focusing on the big picture often makes it easier to manage the complexity involved in programming. 9. A class defines a general template for objects that share a common structure and behavior. An object is a particular instance of a class. A single class can serve as a template for many different objects, but each object will be created as an instance of a single class. 10. In object-oriented languages, one typically defines a new class by extending an existing one. In Java, the syntax for doing so looks like this: public class new class extends existing class

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In this case, the new class becomes a subclass of the existing class. The superclass relation is the inverse; given this definition, the existing class becomes the superclass of the new class. The idea of inheritance is simply that any subclass automatically acquires the public behavior of its superclass. Java uses the keyword new to create a new object by invoking the constructor for its class. The only difference between a ConsoleProgram and a DialogProgram is the