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SUBJECT ASSIGNMENTTASKS AND PROJECTS Contents A. Analyse this project according to the criteria laid down by Rib and Vidal, Fied-Booth and Legutke and Thomas for project work. 1. Presentation a. Goals b. Topic orientation c.Input 2. Focus 3. Teacher Role 4. Learner Role 5. Procedure a. Classroom research context b. Environmental classroom factors c. The opportunities for production (oral and written) the material provides. 6. Language focus 7. Analysis a. Fried- Booth theories 1. Analysis from point of view of the classroom planning. 2. Carrying out the project 3. Review and monitoring the work b. Ribe and Vidal theories 1. Context and structure of the material regarding the organization as a project. 2. Creating a good …show more content…
For instance, considering Fried-Booth three full-stage projects (19866) in the first part related to Classroom Planning, the role of the teacher has to do mainly with guiding what the students are doing in terms of providing the specific vocabulary ,the materials they will need, the way they set the different activities they have to perform to carry out their project.. In the Carrying out of the project stage that comes immediately after, the teacher remains mainly passive because students are who have to perform outside the classroom and perhaps he/she just should check that they have arranged all the steps properly before they leave. Finally in the third stage, teacher role becomes significant again because he/she is in charge of advising, checking and providing them feedback concerning the information obtained by students performances during the second stage. In addition it is possible to mention Rib and Vidal (1993) when explaining their ten basic steps related to project development where some of them point out mainly to the teacher role. When starting a project planning the first thing the teacher should try to get is a good classroom atmosphere in order to motivate their students to participate and to get involved into the whole process from the beginning through an interesting class as well. And finally, the teacher has to check and evaluate the whole project process. Diana