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The Blind Men and the Elephant
The story of the blind men and the elephant illustrates how different people can have different opinions or perspectives on the same thing. The way people perceive things is very telling of how individual mindsets and blindness can reduce the truth to fit one’s handicap. The truth can come from many places and no one can claim to have the whole truth.
If there is anything that has been very powerful in claiming to have the whole truth is religion in its many aspects. Religion is the most influential force in the world that is also the most talked about topic, as throughout history, it played a tremendous role of shaping peoples ways of life. Religion comes in different types, with different kind of teachings. Buddhism,
Christianity, Islam, Judaism, and many other religions were very influential in human civilizations. People left their possessions because they believed that a Supreme Being, God, has called them for greater things. Wars were waged in the name of religion teachings. Kingdoms, empires, cities rose and collapsed in the name of religion. Religion was, and still is, to many the acceptable reason that explains the world as it is. From the beginning of recorded human history to today’s digital world, men and women use their religion and spirituality to search for meaning but also, many of these religions are acting like the blind men. They argue and sometime kill about a God they have never seen. They may have a small knowledge of God…