The Bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki Essay

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Steven Fafel - Mr. Fox’s 4th Block 3/14/13
Who Needs Food When You Have Soylent? Just think. Does your body really need all the food that you eat or does it just need the nutrients in those foods? Could you just take all the nutrients out of the food and stick everything your body needs into to one drink? Well that’s what 24-year-old Rob Rhinehart decided to test out for himself. He did this experiment in his own kitchen in the San Francisco Bay-area in February of 2013. This article relates to our class and how we discussed different molecules like carbohydrates, proteins, and lipids. These molecules are all ones that your body needs and has. As this man was concocting this drink he had to think of many different variables like how much to put in, will this react with other things in the drink, how concentrated it needs to be any more other things. That is how it related to our class. This article was very intriguing. It interests me because if I did go on this diet I’m sure you could save a lot of money. Also I have questions like how much do you drink a day, does it taste good and other questions that interests me. One way this could impact society is in space travel. It is hard to have food in space and a lot of it. This might be a way to get all the nutrients your body needs without all the hassle. I’m not exactly sure how this drink could impact my life because I have not tried it since it is not readily available to me. I t has impacted my thoughts of