The Business Environment: Energy and the Economy Essay

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The business environment
We hear about energy everywhere.
What is energy?Energy helps us do things.It gives us light.It warms our bodies and homes.It bakes cakes and keeps milk cold.It runs our TVs and our cars.It makes us grow and move and think. Energy is the power to change things .I t is the ability to do work.

From the 18th century the United Kingdom by technological revolution is a great revolution in the history of the development of technology, it opened by machine instead of the era of hand tools.This is not only a technical reform, but also a profound social change.The revolution begins with the birth of the working machine, marked by the steam engine as power machine is widely used.
The industrial revolution first appeared in the workshop handicraft industry emerging cotton textile industry.
Along with the increase in machine production, the original power such as animal power, hydro power and wind have the abilityMeet the needs.In Birmingham, UK in 1785, made of watt improved steam engine, provides the more convenient power, get rapid promotion, greatly promote the popularization and development of the machine.The human society entering into"The steam age”。
As theIndustrial productionIn machine production gradually replace manual operation, a new kind ofProduction organization form- factory was born.

Some parts of the 18th century, the British also in the use of natural gas lighting.In 1786, the French leeper invented the gaslight.From the middle of the 19th century, the success of carbonization of coal and oil spilled into the coal mine in refined kerosene, with the invention of the kerosene lamp.In 1895, the United States for the first time to use mechanical drilling and digging Wells to succeed, called oil oil raw materials.

With the time change ,the energy question received wide attention from all countries.Energy is a motive force of the economic distention,is also a key factor in determining the quality of life.Represented by oil energy material not only affects the world politics ,also relates to the peace and quiet of the world ,energy is the material basis for the survival ,the energy issue is a common concern for all countries in the world. Energy can divided into renewable energy and-non-renewable energy,renewable energy is solar energy ,wind energy ,tidal energy ,and can use wireless use;None-renewable energy has oil ,natural gas ,etc,once use won't be in the form of energy.
In today's society mainly depends on the energy is not retrial energy ,represented by oil energy of consumption lead to the emergence of the energy shortage problem.
Cause of energy distribution ,two -thirds of the oil distribution in the Middle East ,prediction using 50 years of running .Coal reserves is bigger ,price fluctuation is not big ,forecast for 100 years ,from the overall energy crisis will come sooner or later.
Nuclear commercial is widespread ,generating 20% of the world ,but the nuclear problem restricts the development of the industry .Natural gas is not easy to store ,transport ,geopolitics is an obstacle to its development. Therefore ,shale gas become a new energy to development.Shale gas refers to natural gas that is trapped within shale formations.Shales are fine-grained sedimentary rocks that can be rich sources of petroleum and natural gas. It looks Grey or black ,soft:70% of the world’s surface rocks are sedimentary; 50% of those are shale. Contain ~95 % of the organic matter in sedimentary rocks .
Where does the organic material come from?Land plant material and seawater algae collect in mud.Older, deeper shale layer.
What is shale gas ?Burial over millions of years then Shale buried .
Biological decay – biogenic methane,Organic matter ‘cooked’ – thermogenic methane

Variation in estimates and recovery factors.BGS approximate reserve estimates for DECC in 2010 - 5.3 tcf (150 BCM)
Advanced Resources (2011) which listed 97 tcf GIP and 20 tcf recoverable resources for the UK