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Ruth believed that marriage was about race, but it was about God because before she got married to Dennis she became a Christian. She knew most interracial relationships often failed, especially during that time. When she married Dennis she said that she was the happiest she had ever been. Their race didn't affect their marriage at all she always said “God will find a way,” and she was correct because although people resent her and Dennis’ marriage they were still happy, and although their children could barely be supported they turned out successful. This impacted her decision because every decision because after Dennis died she married Hunter without thinking about his race or worrying about it. This impacted her children because It made James feel like he didn’t belong sometimes especially when he was in school. they were frowned upon and picked on because they were both black and white and interracial marriages didn’t exist much that time.
Ruth's Mameh was a good mother because although she couldn't see and she was constantly abused by Ruth's father she still cared for Ruth. For example, when Ruth got pregnant she didn't tell anyone. In fact, she sent Ruth away. Many people may say that sending Ruth away is just running from the problem but I think she sent Ruth away because she cared for her. She knew Tateh would kill Ruth as well as Peter.
Ruth learned what not to do from her parents, especially her father. Her father mistakes taught Ruth to not judge people by the color…