The Concept of Energy Intake and Expenditure in Sports Performance. Essay example

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Task 2 – Describe (P3) or explain (M1) the concept of energy intake and expenditure in sports performance.
The concept of energy intake and expenditure refers to the amount of calories per day that an individual consumes, and is the chemical energy in foods which can be metabolized to produce energy available to the body. As stated before energy is obtained from the foods we eat and is used to support an individual’s Basal Metabolic Rate, energy is measured in calories or joules as both units are very small they are multiplied by 1,000 and referred to as kilocalories. Different foods provide us with different amounts of energy, and the potential fuel sources available to exercising muscles are fats – 1 gram fat =9.0kcal = 23kJ,
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Conversely a negative balance results from consuming to little food energy which increases energy expenditure above normal or both, so a change in body weight is a good indicator of an energy imbalance.
Resting metabolic rate represents the amount of energy required each day to sustain vital functions like brain activity, breathing, digestion and maintaining heartbeat. It is the amount of calories the body requires at rest for its critical physiological upkeep. Basal metabolic rate consists of 60-75% of total caloric needs, so can be calculated by plugging an individual’s height in centimetres, weight in kilograms and age in years into one formula. The formula is different for women and men and the formula is below; (highlighted is specifically for my age groups) AGE (Years) Basal Metabolic requirements in kilocalories per day (W=Weight in Kilograms)
Males 10-17 BMR= 17.7W+657 19-29 BMR= 15.1W + 692 30-59 BMR = 11.5 W + 837 60-74 BMR = 11.9 W + 700
Females 10-17 BMR = 13.4 W + 692 18-29 BMR = 14.8 W + 487 30-59 BMR = 8.3W + 846 60-74 BMR = 9.2 + 687

So my BMR of the formula is; BMR = 13.4 X 65KG = 971 + 692 = 1563 (female) < So this example shows that I should be eating such calories throughout the day maintaining my balance. BMR is affected by an individual’s age as an individual basal metabolism reduces with increasing age, an individual’s gender, the climate which causes an increase in basal metabolism to maintain