The Consequence Of Outsourcing Essay

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The consequence of outsourcing
Lots of western companies outsource to Bangladesh and other eastern countries, because of the low cost of labour. In Bangladesh there is plenty of garment factories, and the work there is extremely hard. But the people need to earn one's keep, to supply their families to survive. Especially in the garment industries, the textiles workers are mostly female. Their standard shifts are from eight a.m. to ten or eleven p.m., seven days a week, and the workers have on average only two days off a month. But that's not the worst, two or sometimes three times a week, there is a rush to complete orders, before shipment must leave for the United States, the workers are forced to work all night from eight a.m. to three or four the next morning, a shift up to nineteen or twenty hours a day, and then they have to stay and sleep, beside their sewing machine until their next shift begins.
Regarding the wage, the works earn by working so hard, is really low. The sewing-operators earn 11 to 17 cents per hour, which is 5,28 dollars per week. The young helpers, who clean the garment, earn 8 cent per hour, which is as little as 3,84 dollars per week. When the women work, they are constantly under a harsh pressure, from the inspectors and from the daily production goal. They have 8 seconds to sew a button on a piece of clothes, that’s 7,5 per minute, 450 per hour, and 4500 per day, which is teen hours. If they work are too slow the inspectors will punish them, and they have to get permission from the inspectors to use the toilet, which is filthy because the water is contaminated, and it often causes diarrhea. They are not even allowed to talk together, when they work. When the women/worker are approximately 30 years old, they are fired and replaced by younger women, who are not worn out. So the work in the garment industry is not only under deeply horrible conditions, but is also too low paid.

So why are all these western companies, who had outsourced to Bangladesh, obviously not being aware of Cooperate Social Responsibility? First we have to look at the facts that affected why the companies outsource their manufacturing to the eastern countries. One of the facts that apply the topic is the price on a product. The price on a product is in a strong competition, to other companies. Because if the price is to high, there will be another brand there can make the product cheaper, and then you wont have a chance on the marked. The consumers’ pushes for lower prices, so it is up to the companies to satisfy the consumers, so they will buy their products. When the wage level is so high, as it is in the western countries, the charge on a product is too high, and that affected the price. Then the companies will be uncompetitive, and the price on the product will be to high for anybody to buy. That's why so many companies have taken the chance to outsource, their manufacturing to for example Bangladesh, where the charge is low, as well as the wage level. Thereby the people in the eastern countries work harder and longer, and they