The Crucible Title Meaning

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The title, The Crucible, was strategically chosen by Arthur Miller to symbolize the story as well as connect to each character. A crucible is defined as a vessel capable of withstanding great heat, used for melting metals in order to test their purity and change their shape; it could also be defined as a severe test, trial, or ordeal. This title is spot on and exceptionally appropriate for the play because throughout the play, each character endures a series of trials and tests. Additionally, purity and reputation (topics related to a crucible and The Crucible) are commonly brought up throughout the play. Specifically, one character that relates to this title is Elizabeth Proctor, wife of John Proctor, who was accused of witchcraft by 17-year-old Abigail Williams. …show more content…
Although these are just a few of multiple examples , there are many additional instances where Elizabeth is forced to be strong as she goes through each and every ordeal. With that being said her crucible is marriage...her crucible is honesty...her crucible is class...her crucible is all the things she has to deal with and overcome from the beginning of the play. Fortunately, her crucible(s) made her extremely strong. This is evident because at the start of the play she is reserved, angry, hurt, and is holding a grudge and unforgiveness in her heart (164). However, by the end of the play she is brave, strong, forgiving, at peace, and exerts so much love. Ultimately, though Elizabeth is only one of the multiple characters whose situations symbolize the relevance of the title, the significance of the title is quite evident thanks to many