The Cuban Missile Crisis Essay

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The Cuban Missile Crisis
Fifty years ago, The Cuban Missile Crisis made a historic event which put many countries in the world on panic of a nuclear war. United States and Russia nearly started a third world war during The Cuban Missile Crisis in 1962. The Cuban Revolution, Communism, and military competition, were causes that put the world at the edge of a disastrous third world war. However, that was not the effect, thanks to the President at that time who was John F Kennedy and Premier Nikita Khrushchev who had agreed not to initiate a disastrous war between countries.
The Revolution in Cuba played an essential role during the crisis. In 1959, nobody ever thought see a Marxist regime during this year. However, a large amount of Cubans idolized Castro and supported his new government and promises when he first enters to the island. At that time, there was so much conflict to Castro’s campaign; however, he started to create a Committee for Defense of the Revolution to be sure he was safe from any American attack or invasion. At that time, Castro had taken away lands, private properties, businesses and many other earnings that were owned by American business people, and this enraged America. Moreover, The United States was also angered when Castro’s nationalistic speeches became progressively more against Americans. Finally, The United States lead by John F Kennedy decided to stop the Cuban regimen and prepare an invasion which led to the Bay of Pigs.
Communism was a major threat to America due to the fact they were a democratic country. In spring of 1960, United States sent a skilled group that formed part of armed Cuban exiles. The main plan was to make a wise and simple attack to Castro’s government. In addition, a similar strategy was executed in Guatemala and it was very effective and Americans thought that was going to be the same in Cuba. However, the mission which was approved by President John F Kennedy was a failure. The Cuban exiles were discovered by a local militia and were forced to open fire causing dead and 1,100 were sent to prison. Furthermore, fighting with a communist country was enough and Americans were afraid to deal with Russia which at that time had a huge army and destructive weapons. In spring of 1962, Castro had no choice and seeks for help from the Soviet Union, something that Americans were afraid of. The Soviet Union’s Prime Minister Nikita Khrushchev agreed toward Castro’s speech and sent him many short range surfaces to air and nuclear missiles.
Another clear cause that brought the crisis was because of military competition between Soviets and Americans. At that time, Russians were worried about the technology of the United States and the weapons that could cause intense damage. The fact that Russia had short range weapons and nuclear missiles, United States had weapons that reach long distances and were very precise. Russia knew that from their country they could not do such attack because their missile technology was only for short range. Nevertheless, placing the base in Cuba was a high advantage for them to attack the United States whenever was needed. During the strategy of Soviets missiles in Cuba, an American pilot took some photos and let the American Government know about the situation. Kennedy immediately took action before it was too late